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I know I haven’t been on this blog in a while but I wanted to show you guys my Stiles “Let’s settle this like adults” shirt.

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Anonymous asked: Why is your blog closed?:(:(

I’m not as interested in the show’s fashion as I was before. I still watch and love Teen Wolf except its not making me go “oooh! I wonder where that top/skirt/dress/etc is from!” And I just don’t have time right now, I’m swamped with school

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angiewey asked: Just curious, how do u find all of the outfits?

Each of the characters have brands most of their clothes are from. I go on Macy’s since the show was/is sponsored by them. I look online or on other teen wolf blogs.

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Anonymous asked: kiras dress is here for 39 dollars storenvy(.)com/products/2343081-cut-out-plaid-dress (remove brackets)

Thank you! Kira’s plaid dress is here!

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victorias-wonderland asked: Most useful blog ever, thank you so much for making this blog.

Thank you :) 

I’m sorry to everyone since I’m not on here anymore :(

This blog is temporarily closed. :(


I’ve got a lot on my plate right now with SATs and college stuff, etc etc.

The blog will probably pick up with season 3B. 

The giveaway will still happen though!

So sorry everyone, but there are other teen wolf fashion blogs!






Different reason, and I know I’ve said I would never stop/close this blog but circumstances change.

Short reason: I’m incredibly busy.

Long reason: I actually am homeschooled/teach myself high school and right now, I am overwhelmed with all the subjects/schoolwork. Plus, Teen Wolf isn’t making me excited or wanting me to make/search for the outfits. There may be certain times when I post an outfit if I am in love with it, but I won’t be updating like I used to. I still read all the asks and requests. If you want to keep up with me, I do blog on my other account, chimeraspirit

I am truly sorry this blog is closed/not as active as it once was.

Other teen wolf blogs are…






thesuitelifeofdickandcody asked: Do u know what boots Issac was wearing when he jumped over Aiden's bike?

Those are by kenneth cole, no longer sold. Found here.

Please check tags before asking.

heavyeyelidsandcoffeestains asked: Can you find the dress that Allison wore when she was dunked into the water? The black spaghetti strap one?? Xoxox

It is a free people dress. Found here.

Please check the tags page before asking!

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Anonymous asked: I didn't know who to tell but I'm beaming, I went to Ross today and found Lydia's doggy shirt for NINE DOLLARS ON CLEARANCE IM CRying


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Anonymous asked: Do you know where I can find another dress similar to the one Alison wore in 2x07? The stripped one with the sweater and gray leggings? I already checked the links you had for it but they have all stopped selling it.

Well I don’t provide links for active selling sites. I just find the exact item. You can ask teenwolfoutfitshoppe, she finds active links.

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I have that shirt that Stiles was wearing! The maroon one with writing on it, it says “let’s settle this like adults” and has pictures of rock, paper, and scissor.

Its from Target, can be found here.

ohlittle-red asked: Your blog has been a great help with this illustrated poster series on each character's style—/post/70319039307/cloaked-series-stiles-giveaway

Thank you! Your posters are amazing!!

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Anonymous asked: hwey could you find lydias dress from episode 1 season 3

Her exact outfit (dress and bag) can be found here.

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Anonymous asked: hey can you please do a Allison and Lydia wardrobe from forever 21

Allison’s wardrobe

Lydia’s wardrobe

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